Rain was in her kitty playpen area, it is an open place for her to roam around and play, and it also has her litter box in it. While she was doing kitten things, I was doing different kitten things. I have to make kitten formula for her, mix it with her kitten wet food, and then warm it up for her.

As I came back into the room where she was, she expressively let me know she wants attention and to be fed, v-e-r-y expressively. To her, I was ignoring her, and she didn’t know what I was doing. So she decided to climb into her litter box, prop herself up higher on its ledge, and continue to yell at me.

Meanwhile… I was getting her feeding blanket because kittens make messes, and I prefer to not have salmon pate kitten formula all over me, warming up her formula and getting ready to feed her.

Then I saw what she was doing, and it got me thinking…

How often do we fight our way into our own litter box because we think we are being ignored or don’t know what God is doing? We create our own bed in hell, all the while the Lord is preparing something for us. We don’t have to go to those places, and we don’t have to walk through the litter to get to God. Just trust that He is doing something that will work out for your good. He said He would.

If you find yourself in the litter box, just like little Rain did… cry out. He will pick you up and put you right where you need to be.