This is not counseling or deliverance prayer and it works best with people who are ready to move forward but might feel stuck.

Doug will pray for you as God directs, but please don’t expect Doug to pray and prophesy for the entire session. You will need to have something to discuss or work on in addition to any prophetic ministry he provides.

Your coaching call is always confidential.

Your Session May Include, But Is Not Limited To:

 How to transform personal life issues and business issues.

 How you can personally discern God’s voice better for all areas of your life.

 Help in understanding your dreams and developing your spiritual gifts so you can really move forward in your destiny.

Prophetic Words of knowledge and wisdom as well as practical guidance and instruction to help you make the best decision and take the positive steps in your life.

Help in developing a life plan to get you on track to being all that you were created to be.

Identifying and breaking through limiting mindsets and beliefs so that you can walk in greater freedom.

Various exercises and assignments as needed to really help you get moving on to the next steps in life.

 You get to choose where you go in the session and what you want to work on.

Follow-up sessions are always welcome! Most people start with one 30-minute breakthrough session, then return for a follow-up later.