No More Hiding. No More Shame. Come Home.

Many are in hiding because of shame, guilt, or embarrassment but the Lord has come looking for you, and He is calling your name. When Adam and Eve did the very thing God told them not to do they became instantly aware of their nakedness resulting in guilt, shame, and them hiding. However, just as quickly as they hid, God appeared in the Earth calling out their names. Not because He didn’t know where they were, but because it was to set a precedent for those to follow—when you fall short, come to Him not hide.

Favorable Justice

I saw the scales of justice in the Heavens and they were in balance and remained in balance no matter the accusations the enemy tried to conjure up. Suddenly the heavens darkened like a storm and in the midst of the scale was the Lord, He was standing in one of the bowls. As He…

Parliament of Prophets (Part 1 of 2)

The Lord said, “I am going to breathe upon these individuals in such a way that they will begin filling up my house with brothers and sisters.” We have been given and charged with the word of reconciliation. He said, “I am going to cause it so that these people will go out into the darkness, into the very darkest of places, during the worst of the worst situations.